It consists of experienced leading aeronautical research organisations such as Ł-ILOT, CIRA, and NLR, ISSNOVA expert in sustainable mobility and urban planning and participatory design, as well as Portuguese CEiiA, very active in the field of innovative mobility solutions research and implementation and representative of Porto city. Bari city will be represented by DTA, while Polish metropolitan area of GZM will be directly involved.

Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation is one of the most modern European research institutions, with traditions dating back to 1926. 

CIRA is the Italian Aerospace Research Center, a limited not-for-profit consortium company founded in July 1984 that develops and implements the Italian Aerospace Research Programme (PRO.R.A.).


CEiiA is a Centre of Engineering and Product Development that designs, implements and operates innovative products and systems.

ISSNOVA is the Italian Institute for Sustainable Society and Innovation, an Italian  independent research organization focused on safe and sustainable processes.

DTA is a private consortium whose shareholders are the main national and regional aerospace research and industrial players.

Metropolis GZM (Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowska Metropolia) is a highly industrialized urban area with 41 municipalities and 2.2 million inhabitants in the southern part of Poland.

Royal NLR has is an organisation that works to achieve sustainable, safe, efficient and effective aerospace operations.